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Held on: 13-05-2023
Organizer: VFM, VK Speed Bike
Eligibility: Seniors, Juniors, Cadets, Masters, Women, U-15 and U-13

Place: Ohrid

Length: 3 km. by lap, 10 laps or total 30 km. for Cadets

1st place

The first road race for the 2023 season and also the first season in the cadet category. The race was an additional challenge and due to its international character, there were also competitors from Albania. It started great, and ended great, even though we had a flat tire on the seventh lap (out of a total of 10), we ended up on top. First place, for great pleasure. Congratulations to my teammates Madzoski, who finished in 2nd place in juniors, Petreski, with whom we rode in the same race and finished in 8th place, and Jankoska, for whom this was her first race and she successfully completed it.

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